Resistive Coating of Ceramics

Titanium-chromium as the base coating material

Elcon offers resistive coating services for ceramic products manufactured from aluminum oxide. Titanium-chromium (TiCr) is used as the base coating material in our resistive coating operations. Depending on your specific application requirements, the coating resistance can be adjusted over a broad range, from mega ohms to tera ohms.

Through spray, needle, and brush coating or screen printing, we apply resistive coatings on flat, cylindrical, and complex ceramic bodies. Our resistive coating process is best suited for applications that require controlled electric charge dissipation. Typical applications include klystrons, x-ray tubes, and photon machines. We provide resistive coating on ceramic parts up to 16 inches in diameter and 20 inches in length.

Ohmmeters are used to ensure that all ceramic parts have controlled electrical resistance values. In addition to resistive coating of ceramics, our capabilities also include plating, glazing, metallization, and brazing.

Resistive Coating: "A process in which a coating is applied to a base ceramic and alters the electrical resistance to a desired range".

Adjustable Resistance
High Precision at Low Cost
Exceptional Quality Control

Flexible Ti/Cr formulations
Needle and Spray Coating Available
Inspection of electrical properties

Resistive Coating Specifications

Resistive Coating of Ceramics Process (See Process Description Below)

Spray Coating
Brush Coating
Needle Coating
Screen Printing

Base Coating Material
Materials for Resistive Ceramic Coating
Electrical Resistance Range
Maximum Part Diameter (Cylinder)
Maximum Part Length (Cylinder)
Maximum Coating Thickness
Minimum Coating Thickness

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Resistive Coating Specifications

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