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Brazed Assembly

Brazed Assembly Services From Elcon

Ceramic-to-Metal and Metal-to-Metal Brazed Assembly Services.

Elcon specializes in joining ceramic to metal and metal to metal assemblies by brazing. Our brazing processes offer several advantages, including high hermiticity and repeatability with minimal part-to-part variation. Typical base materials that we braze include copper, alloy steels, molybdenum, stainless steel, and Kovar. Common applications include aerospace components, microwave-transmitting tubes, and medical components.

We typically work with clean low vapor alloys including, copper, gold, and silver-based alloys. Depending on your material type and part geometry, our experienced engineers will select the appropriate brazing fixtures, joint design, and process.

Through atmosphere or vacuum brazing, we join metal to metal and ceramic-to-metal in a controlled environment. These processes protect the assemblies from oxidation. Our active metal brazing process is suited for assembling metal substrates to ceramic parts without metallization and is normally very cost effective.

As an additive value service we can join metal components by laser, TIG, or spot welding. We also offer gold, nickel, silver and copper plating services that comply with military standards (Mil-Spec).

Vacuum Brazing Process: "Is a joining process between a metal and another metal or metal(s) to a ceramic that offers significant advantages, which include extremely clean, superior, braze joints of high integrity and strength."

Atmosphere Brazing Process: "Is a joining process between a metal and another metal or metal(s) to a ceramic(s). It uses inert, reducing atmospheres, which protects the part from oxidation."

Partial Pressure Brazing: "Is a brazing process done in a vacuum furnace wherein controlled atmospheres of inert gases (nitrogen, argon or helium) are introduced at or near brazing temperature to reduce sputtering of braze alloys."

Metal to Metal Brazing Process: "Is a metal-joining process where an alloy is melted and distributed between two or more metals via capillary action."

Ceramic to Metal Brazing Process: "Is a metal to ceramic joining process where an alloy is melted and distributed via capillary action between a ceramic(s) that has been metallized and a metal(s)."

Active Metal Brazing Process: "Is a joining process which allows metal(s) to be joined to ceramic(s) without metallization."

Robust bond
Minimized Oxidation
Reduced Cost Greater
Quality Control
Fast Turnaround

Advanced Brazing Techniques
Proprietary Metallization
Paints Hydrogen Atmosphere
Active Metal Brazing
In-house Metallizing and Plating
In-house Machining of Fixtures

Added Values

Brazed Assembly Specifications

Brazing Temperature Range

Brazing Temperature Range

300° C to 2000° C

Maximum Part Diameter(Cylinder)
Maximum Part Length (Cylinder)
Testing Capabilities

Learn about our 6-Axis and 3-Axis Robotic Metallization process on how we can help you with your high volume manufacturing needs.


Brazed Assembly Specifications

Medical, IMRT

Elcon's brazed components are being utilized for intensity-modulated radiotherapy applications used in development of modern cancer treatment delivery.


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