Elcon prioritizes upholding the highest level of quality standards for all of our parts.

Elcon's Quality Policy

Rapidly identify risks and opportunities via the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle and take appropriate actions to continually improve products and services.

Implement, establish, and maintain processes to ensure compliance with all customer, statutory, and regulatory requirements.

Satisfy customer expectations by extending Elcon’s quality management practices into our supply chain.

Knowledge of our quality procedures and processes is reinforced throughout the organization to ensure the conformity of products and services.

Quality Inspection Tools

  • Advanced Mitutoyo QV404-Apex and QV302-Apex optical CMMs
  • Fischer XAN and Oxford XRF spectroscopic inspection tools
  • Varian and Agilent leak detection tools (10-10 sccm/sec)
  • Keyence IM vision inspection scope (2-D rapid inspection)
  • Two OGP CMMs (one with laser; large format)
  • 160KV 3-Dimensional Digital/Quantitative X-ray inspection tool
  • Minitab 18 SPC software for six-sigma capability assessment
  • RF and high-voltage (30KV) testing capabilities
  • Leica Digital Inspection Microscope


Elcon is third-party certified for:




ASTM B488-01-2018

AMS 2404


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