Elcon is the only etching manufacturer on the US west coast that is ISO9001-2015, AS9100D, and ITAR-certified.

Titanium Overview

Titanium’s high specific strength, good fatigue properties, and lightweight make it an excellent alternative to aluminum. Titanium can be passivated for improved corrosion resistance and can handle conditions of up to 700°C, while aluminum has a limitation of only about 300°C for most high-temperature applications. Although titanium is roughly two-thirds heavier than aluminum, its inherent strength means it will have the same physical strength as aluminum using only a fraction of the material. The three titanium alloy types (Alpha, Beta, and Alpha-Beta) offer flexibility across many applications. Titanium is often used in aircraft jet engines and in spacecraft, as its strength and lightweight reduce fuel requirements and costs.

Our Capabilities

  • Etching of all grades of titanium, including CP Grade 1, CP Grade 2, CP Grade 3, CP Grade 4, CP Grade 5, Grade 6A-3, and nitinol
  • Etching of up to 0.040″ thick sheets ranging up to 22×12 inches
  • Tolerances of ±.0005″ in many applications


  • Medical mesh and plates
  • Spinal implants
  • Aircraft components
  • Plate heat exchangers (brazed or diffusion-bonded)
  • Orthopedic devices and implants
  • Spacecraft components
  • Alternative for aluminum components

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