Elcon Precision General Overview

With more than 50 years of experience, Elcon Precision LLC is a trusted service provider of Metallized and Resistive Coated Ceramics, Vacuum and Atmosphere Brazed Assemblies, and Photochemically Machined Parts.
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Elcon was founded by Anthony (Tony) Barraco with $360 in funding.

jet liner turbine


We developed taped braze alloys for repairing turbine engine blades.

etched components


We started photochemical etching of refractory metals like tungsten, hafnium and molybdenum, and developed fast warm up CRT cathodes for oscilloscopes.

etched metal components


We developed hemispherical component etching for Traveling Wave Tubes for communication, radar amplification and jamming devices.

metal etched components


Elcon moved to its present location in San Jose, combining with Macro Metallics (ceramic metallization and brazing) to make vacuum gauges and ceramic assemblies.

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Elcon became certified for ISO9001, AS9100 and ITAR.

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Tony Barraco retired and sold Elcon to a private equity group. Elcon’s name changed to Elcon Precision LLC.

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Elcon Precision LLC acquired and integrated United Supertek, a thick film ceramic (BeO & alumina) circuit board manufacturer, adding 3 full time employees from USI.

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Elcon Precision LLC acquired the vacuum relay switch business from Jennings Radio Technology and moved equipment and personnel to the current site.

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Elcon Precision LLC added Titanium photochemical etching capability.

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Elcon redesigned the website to better reflect our company values, culture, and capabilities. 

Meet Our Team

We’re proud to have built a diverse and ambitious team of experts specializing in all of our core disciplines, capable of communicating and collaborating effectively to deliver precision solutions for you. Our team is always open to challenges and new ideas, and is here to work with you to provide unmatched support for critical applications where failure is not an option. So let’s get started!

Quality & Certifications

We uphold the highest level of quality standards and are AS9100D and ISO certified, ITAR registered, and RoHS compliant. Learn more about how we use state-of-the-art inspection tools and a quality policy based on risk mitigation to achieve better results on each and every project.

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