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Ceramic Glazing

Air and atmosphere glazing to improve the impermeability

Elcon performs air and atmosphere glazing to improve the impermeability of ceramic bodies to gases and to increase the high voltage cutoff in ceramic parts.  The material strength and dielectric properties of materials are retained in our glazing process.Cylindrical parts up to 16 inches in diameter and 20 inches in length can be glazed at our facility. From prototype to high volume production, we can handle different types of glazing jobs.

At Elcon, we use lead-free coatings and custom chemical coatings as base materials for ceramic glazing. With CamCo furnaces and specialized low temperature Skutt ceramic kilns, glazing is performed to exact customer specifications. We perform air glazing at temperatures of 1000°C and atmosphere glazing at 1200°C.

Ceramic Glazing: "Glazing process is an over coating for ceramics to improve high voltage standoff."

Strength and Dielectric
Properties are Maintained RoHS Compliance

Low Temperature Kilns
Lead Free Coating

Glazing Specifications

Glazing Processes

Air Glazing
Atmosphere Glazing

Glazing Base Materials
Glazing Characteristics
Glazing Equipment
Glazing Temperatures
Maximum Part Diameter (Cylinder)
Maximum Part Length (Cylinder)

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Glazing Specifications

Other Services

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