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Coaxial Switches

High-voltage vacuum coaxial relays

Elcon’s variety of high-voltage vacuum coaxial relays successfully meet both government and commercial needs. The vacuum dielectric enables high speed switching and provides low, stable contact resistance. In addition, the vacuum environment protects the contacts from contamination and oxidation and eliminates the need for contact maintenance. 

In addition to long life and high reliability, vacuum coaxial systems also offer assurance of excellent performance for HF and UHF radio systems. The elimination of oxidized contacts eliminates the noise generation and intermodulation distortion that can occur when oxides form and cause rectification of the RF signal. Because the contact resistance of vacuum coaxial relays is very low and stable, these units offer very low circuit losses. RF insertion loss is typically between 0.02 and 0.1 dB at operating frequencies. Elcon vacuum relays are distinguished by very low thermal and RF noise generation.

The small relay size made possible by the use of vacuum as a dielectric medium is the smallest size possible commensurate with power handling capability and high voltage stand-off rating. Typical operating speeds of between 5 and 50 milliseconds are much faster than that available from conventional coaxial relays. 

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Coaxial Switches

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