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PCM Design Guidelines

Photochemical Machining Design Guidelines

Some limitations on Design of Chemical Etching, Dimension & Tolerances are Required.

Inside Radius = Metal Thickness
Outside Radius = 75% of Metal Thickness
Hole Diameter & Slot = 120% Metal Thickness
Space Between Holes = Metal Thickness
Bevel (B) = 5% to 10% of Metal Thickness
Half Etch = 50% to 75% of Metal Thickness
Partial Etch = 25% to 35% of Metal Thickness

Typical Tolerance From +/- .0005" to .010" Depend of Metal Thickness.

There are some process that removes parts from sheet (Shear, Outboard Tab, and Recess Tab). Special for shear, the length tolerances are required minimum.

Single Shear Metal Thickness
.005" to .015"
.016" to .031"
Minimum Tolerance
+/- .003"
+/- .005"
Double Shear .005" to .015"
.016" to .031"
+/- .002"
+/- .003"

Part after process

Side Etch and Over Etch
Before and After Etch

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