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Meeting Deputy Secretary of Commerce, Don Graves

Driving innovation and spurring projects that grow new industries and scale existing ones are the core of many Silicon Valley businesses. To help expand that core and develop workforce programs with actual teeth, it is critical that partnerships form between the government, community, and private sector.

On December 7th, 2021, Tim Dyer from Elcon Precision sat with Deputy Secretary of Commerce, Don Graves, and a panel of presidents and CEOs to discuss the challenges of small manufacturing companies in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco.

Along with companies like Thermo Fusion, SF Made, Green Circuits, APROE, and CMTC (California Manufacturing Technology Consulting), we agreed that the major issues in maintaining and growing a small manufacturing business are hiring the right talent, retaining workers, adjusting to the high cost of living, and the lack of local industrial collaboration. In an effort to provide relief for supply chain issues, Mr. Graves and his Department of Commerce panel carefully listened to the matters presented and explored possible ways a federal or regional database could enable more collaboration among local small manufacturers by providing easier access to services, capabilities, and products nearby. The panel also discussed about how to train and attract younger workers to the manufacturing industry. This was an awesome event with lively leaders passionate about building communities and fostering partnerships.

Thank you to Manex Consulting and the California Employment Training Panel (ETP) for coordinating and inviting us!

Don Graves (center with orange tie), Tim Dyer (third from the left with tan jacket)


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