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Photochemically Milled 3D Traveling Wave Tube Grids

In the late 70’s, Elcon developed a unique and innovative chemical milling process of 3D surfaces for the manufacture of focus and control grids which are better suited to the design of traveling wave tubes than the conventional electrical discharge process.

Formed grids for traveling wave tubes require very precise and repeatable processors to meet the current industry requirements for accuracy and high-quality finished surfaces. Our processes provide the superior finish that is not available from electrical discharge machining.

The unique features of Elcon-produced grids include:

  1. Straight side wall surfaces
  2. Annular ring walls aligned to the radius of curvature
  3. Smooth and burr-free surfaces
  4. Center ring diameter and outside locating diameter accurately controlled for assembly alignment
  5. Elcon currently ships grids worldwide. The continually tightening tolerances required on a shadow or control grid have mandated that Elcon constantly improve its proprietary etching process.
Special Process – Selective Plating
Photochemically Etched Custom Nitinol Parts
Photochemically Etched Custom Moly-Copper Parts
Photochemicaly Etched Soft Magnetic Cobalt-Iron Alloys

Learn about our 6-Axis and 3-Axis Robotic Metallization process on how we can help you with your high volume manufacturing needs.


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Other Services

Photochemical Machining

We have over four decades of experience in manufacturing photochemically etched components for the military and aerospace markets.

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Metallization of Ceramics

Elcon uses proprietary technology to provide industry leading metallized ceramics and sapphires.

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Brazed Assembly

Elcon has been producing some of the most challenging brazed assemblies for over 30 years.

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