FEBRUARY 21-27, 2021

For engineering week we have decided to have a team contribution to Elcon is Everywhere, thanking engineers for their contributions to society.  For this month 5 engineers will be thanking peers in their profession of choice as a way of giving back for all collaborative contributions of their peers. Check in each day this week to see who have inspired us to continue creating solutions for the world through innovation and collaboration.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Tim Dyer, President:

“As part of National E-Week 2021, Elcon Precision is recognizing Materials Engineers for their wide contributions to creating products that improve our lives. Materials Engineers help create materials that store clean energy, convert solar energy into electricity, create drinking water from seawater, and remove pollutants from factory emissions.  I would like to specially thank Paul Cook, the founder of Raychem/Tyco who recently passed away, for his team’s contributions to polymer materials science by developing radiation treated heat shrink tubing and flexible self-regulating heaters. In supporting these advancements in science and technology, Elcon Precision offers a wide variety of refractory materials, ceramics, and fabrication technologies for helping Materials Engineers develop new products to improve everyone’s quality of life.”

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Aurelia Montoya, Process Engineer:

"As part of National E-Week 2021, Elcon Precision is recognizing Biomedical Engineers for their wide contributions in research and product innovation to improve and save lives. There are different specializations of biomedical engineering including medical devices, tissue engineering, biosignal processing, medical imaging, and biomechanics. Biomedical Engineers research ways to cure diseases like cancer using tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. They also create monitoring devices and prosthetics, innovate new pathways of drug delivery, and design medical software and equipment. I want to focus on the importance of women of color in biomedical engineering and their contributions to the industry. Although women made up about 29% of the science and engineering workforce in 2017, only 13% are women from underrepresented minorities [1]. One major contributor in Biomedical Engineering is Dr. Elizabeth Wayne. Dr. Wayne is currently an assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University and helped discover the use of immune cells to mediate drug delivery. Dr. Wayne is a Black woman and advocates for women in leadership and higher education [2]. Elcon Precision values diversity in STEM and offers precision manufacturing to help Biomedical Engineers create new products that improve everyone’s quality of life."

  1. https://ncses.nsf.gov/pubs/nsb20201/u-s-s-e-workforce
  2. https://www.lizwaynephd.com/what-we-do

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Rebecca Salcedo, Process Engineer:

"Elcon precision would like to acknowledge Industrial Engineers for their vast contributions with developing, improving, and implementing complex processes or systems. Industrial engineers help implement lean manufacturing by reducing waste within different processes or systems. Industrials engineers have the motto of continuous improvement and this can be achieved by optimizing inventory and logistics within your supply chain or hence managing labor, materials, and machines to help improve quality and productivity. I would like to recognize American Engineer W. Edwards Deming for his vast contributions to industrial engineering. Deming’s use of statistical methods and total quality management can influence all businesses to help improve the overall workflow. Deming’s Plan, Do, Check and Act (PDCA- The Deming Wheel) is a famous tool used amongst many different industries because quality is everyone’s responsibility. Elcon Precision understands that quality is everyone’s responsibility; working in a special environment of engineer to order (ETO), all customers products are unique and our processes are required to deliver the desired product on time and within the customers’ specification."

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Ben Zadeh, General Manager:

"I would like to express my appreciation of all electrical engineers for Engineering Week 2021.  I was 7 years old in Shiraz, Iran when my parents bought our first TV.  It was a large, clunky large box and at that time we received just 2 hours of programming a night.  It wasn’t long before a technician came to fix an issue we had with our TV. When he opened the back panel, the first thing I saw was the huge glass tube. What in the world was this?  Later I learned from an engineer friend of our family that it was a Vacuum Tube.  This was my first introduction to electronics and electrical engineering.

Invented by John A. Fleming, the simplest vacuum tube is a diode, consisting of a cathode and an anode in which electrons can only flow from in one direction, from the cathode to the anode.  His invention, along with many others that have made such an impact in the electrical field, sparked my interest in Electrical Engineering and led me to travel to the US at the age of 17 to explore this field and continue my journey in manufacturing."

Friday, February 26, 2021

Najib Khan, General Manager:

"Elcon precision would like to recognize chemical engineers for their vast contributions – such as scaleup, plant design, plant operation, and distribution that are required to move promising new developments towards commercial-scale production.

Chemical engineering is prevalent throughout our lives. In smartphones, the development and mass production of better materials for the screen and body, improved electronic materials, and longer lasting batteries required many chemical engineering innovations. Furthermore, mass production of penicillin was a key moment in history; not only for the billions of lives it saved (and still saves today) but for the chemical engineering involved.  Margaret Rousseau was not only the first female doctorate from MIT, but also designed the first commercial penicillin plant.  Margaret developed the deep-tank fermentation process which enabled large-scale production of penicillin.

Some of the key innovative technologies where I apply my chemical engineering background are clean energy systems, automation systems to improve production/quality, and alternative production processes that can reduce waste generation."

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