BIOMEDevice Show 2017


Come visit us at the BIOMEDevice Show at the San Jose Convention center Dec 6 & 7.  We’re in Booth 1139 and our engineering team will be there to talk to you about how Elcon can help you design and fabricate your custom components for medical devices using our photochemical machining and ceramic-to-metal brazing and assembly capabilities.  If your project requires a metal like titanium, nitinol, tungsten, moly or other exotic metal, then you’ll want to talk to us.  We’ve made many products for the medical industry including RF and microwave therapy antennas, X-ray tube components, arthroscopy components, communications antennas, electronic components, feed-throughs and sealed endoscopic therapy delivery windows.  Bring us your toughest application and let’s talk! 

You can make an appointment to speak with us at the show by contacting us.


Biomed Device Show 2017

Acquisition of United Supertek | December 2016

Elcon Precision LLC is pleased to announce that it has completed the purchase of United Supertek. together with USI’s formerly absorbed High Temp Technologies. 

United Supertek’s key personnel and equipment have been moved into the Elcon’s facility to allow both Elcon and United Supertek customers to be best served.

Elcon Precision is a growing company with a rich 60 year history of providing Engineered Successes for customer designed products in the medical device, military, aircraft, microwave, communications, electronics, and vacuum device related industries. Elcon is ISO9100, AS9100, and Lockheed certified to serve the product needs of customers.

Additional information or responses to product needs can be found at or by contacting or by telephone at 408-292-7800.

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Elcon Precision announces new video series

Elcon Precision announces a series of videos to better explain the broad range of services that Elcon offers.

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Conflict Minerals Policy, October 2013

This document contains Elcon Precision LLC’s statement regarding the content of Conflict Minerals in our products.
There has been increased awareness of violence and human rights violations in the mining of certain minerals from a location described as the “Conflict Region”, which is situated in the eastern portion of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and surrounding countries. In August of 2012 The SEC adopted a new rule to require companies to publically disclose their use of conflict minerals.

The new reporting requirements reflect Congressional concern that revenues obtained from mining and transport of “Conflict Minerals” finance the ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and surrounding countries and the resulting humanitarian crisis. The legislation requires SEC-registered companies to report annually to the SEC on (a) their worldwide use of “Conflict Minerals” in products they manufacture or contract to manufacture, and (b) the cooperation of their supply chains in identifying the use of “Conflict Minerals”; identifying the country of origin for any tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold; and determining whether “Conflict Minerals” from the DRC region are “conflict free”

The Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) and the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) have requested that companies undertake reasonable due diligence with their supply chain to assure that specified metals are not being sourced from mines in the Conflict Region, which is controlled by non-government military groups, or unlawful military factions.

Elcon Precision LLC is not a publically traded company and doesn’t need to file reports with the SEC pursuant to Exchange Action Sections 13(a) or 15(d), we support these actions and have obtained, or are in the process of obtaining, information from our current metal suppliers concerning the origin of the metals that are used in the manufacture of our products. Based upon information provided by our suppliers, we do not knowingly use metals derived from the
Conflict Region.

Suppliers are providing written evidence of due diligence documenting that raw materials used to produce gold and tungsten, supplied to or used in the manufacture of our products, do not originate from mining or smelting operations in the Conflict Region. To learn more about the U.S. Legislation and “Conflict Minerals”,” please consult the SEC website:


Learn about our 6-Axis and 3-Axis Robotic Metallization process on how we can help you with your high volume manufacturing needs.


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Photochemical Machining

We have over four decades of experience in manufacturing photochemically etched components for the military and aerospace markets.

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Metallization of Ceramics

Elcon uses proprietary technology to provide industry leading metallized ceramics and sapphires.

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Brazed Assembly

Elcon has been producing some of the most challenging brazed assemblies for over 30 years.

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