Elcon Robot Capabilities

Elcon Precision is a San Jose, CA company that metallizes and Ni plates ceramic parts to prepare them for brazing into hermetic ceramic-metal assemblies. Some of these ceramic parts are sold in high volume (up to 110K pieces per year) and have a geometry ideal for automated metallization. The robot offers the following capabilities:

  1. User friendly HMI to enable machine operation, process tuning, and error recovery
  2. Multi-level safety interlock system to prevent operator injury
  3. Easy cassette loading of parts to be coated
  4. Systems capable of applying multiple paint formulations for both metallization and glazing
  5. Flexible computer controlled dispense valve systems for accurate paint metering
  6. Position control for reproducible stand-off height for paint application to 3 dimensional surfaces
  7. A flexible smoothing system to ensure paint uniformity
  8. Dual, identical, sealed robots with 6-axis rotation and accurate position control less than 0.1mm
  9. On board heated drying/storage stations
  10. Computerized vision system for in process inspection
  11. Exit conveyor for painted parts loaded onto firing setter plates

Advantages of Elcon’s 6-Axis and 3-Axis Robotic Metallization

Elcon’s 6-Axis and 3-Axis Robotic Metallization provides many advantages for high volume component manufacturing. These are:

  1. Eliminates the need for masking parts
  2. Enables high volume manufacturing of components with multiple diameters and paint compositions
  3. Capable of using a wide variety of dispense or spray valve technologies best suited for the application
  4. Reduces wasted paint by accurately and reproducibly dispensing the exact amount of paint required within a few milligrams
  5. Processes thousands of parts per day versus hundreds without operator fatigue
  6. Allows for process optimization using 6-sigma methodology
  7. Provides superior part-to-part paint thickness consistency versus operators
  8. Uses paint efficiently due to highly repeatable dispense system performance (less waste)
  9. Incorporates real time 100% vision inspection for quality control
  10. Can be optimized to produce reliable single coat metallization processes
  11. Allows talented artists to focus on more complex parts

Other Services

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Elcon uses proprietary technology to provide industry leading metallized ceramics and sapphires.

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Brazed Assembly

Elcon has been producing some of the most challenging brazed assemblies for over 30 years.

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Photochemical Machining

We have over four decades of experience in manufacturing photochemically etched components for the military and aerospace markets.

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