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Automation Capabilities

Elcon Precision is located in San Jose, CA and has been in business since 1967. Over the years we have added new technologies and processes to stay on top of the competition when it comes to delivering high-quality parts to the medical and aerospace/defense industries. We pride ourselves on continuing to expand our capabilities and offerings to satisfy our customers' needs.

One of our newest and most exciting additions in recent years is the purchase of a dual arm, 6-axis & 3-axis robot. This robot is a top of the line resource when it comes to automated metallization. It not only metallizes both sapphire and ceramic parts, but it decreases the cost and time it takes to produce large production orders. Meaning that our customers are able to get large quantity orders quickly and with cost savings.


Why Automate Metallization?

Sapphire and ceramics parts are metallized to prepare them to be brazed into a metal assembly. By metallizing the part before brazing it to another metal, a hermetic, airtight, seal can be created.

The automated metallization process is best used when hand painting becomes an inefficient use of time and customer dollars. It is ideal when parts are needed in high volumes (1,000 parts or more) and have a simple geometry. The spherical shape of most sapphire windows and ceramic parts easily loads into the robot and can be metallized with repeatable precision time and time again.

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Advantages of Automated Metallization

Robot Automation Callouts
  1. Programmable interface that controls machine operation and enables process tuning and error recovery
  2. Loading from cassettes sized for each part geometry
  3. Two arm system capable of applying the same or multiple paint formulations
  4. A flexible smoothing system to ensure paint uniformity
  5. Position control for reproducible stand-off height for paint application to 3-dimensional surfaces
  6. Dual sealed robots with 6-axis rotation and position control of less than 0.1mm
  7. Onboard heated drying stations
  8. A computerized vision system for in-process inspection
  9. Flexible computer-controlled dispense valves for accurate paint metering
  10. Exit conveyor for loading painted parts onto firing setter plates

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